What Sets Us Apart

  • A One-on-One Relationship with your Trusted Advisor

    We take a consultative approach to help our partners and clients solve problems related to patient payments and all aspects of payments management.

  • Industry-leading Technology and Security

    We constantly research and provide emerging payment technologies and methodologies to enhance functionality along with workflow.

  • Trusted for over Two Decades

    AxiaMed boasts unparalleled retention rates. This is a direct result of the boutique style of exceptional support and service that we provide. AxiaMed’s team of payments experts continually work with our partners and clients to solve complex payments issues.

Key Features

Single Integration Point

AxiaMed’s single point of integration gives you an easy, one stop solution to integrate with your practice management system, patient portal, and revenue cycle management.

Easy to Understand API

A comprehensive developers library and well-written API documentation result in quick, simple integration.

EMV Solutions

AxiaMed provides easily integrated EMV ready solutions for your software.

All Payments Supported

Accept credit, HSA/FSA cards, ACH, Check Guarantee, Apple Pay, NFC, and EMV chip all from one source.

Balance Payments & Payment Plans

Store in our tokenized payment vault. Card on file for balance payments and future payments.

Quick Refund Processing

Issuing a refund is as easy as a click of a button.

Easily Manage Patient History

Quickly access a patient's billing history and payment methods with the PCI and HIPAA compliant gateway.

Singular Secure Payment Platform

Connect all departments from the front desk, back office, cafeteria, gift shops, and parking into the general ledger.

Our Security Stack

Safety, Security and Fraud Protection. Guaranteed with every transaction.

AxiaMed takes pride in our high level security, making it our number one priority to make sure your transactions are processed securely.

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