AxiaMed Announces Availability of Scan&Pay Patient Payment Solution

AxiaMed Announces Availability of Scan&Pay Patient Payment Solution

Provides Convenient, Contactless Patient Payments Via Scanned QR Code

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 1, 2020 / AxiaMed, an industry-leading healthcare payments technology company, today announced the availability of Scan&Pay, a mobile-based patient payment solution that enables healthcare providers to add QR codes to invoices or online payment portals to help  patients pay their medical bills quickly, easily, and securely. Upon scanning the QR code using any free, third party or native QR reader app, the patient is directed to a hosted payment page where they can choose to make a partial payment or pay in full.

“Quick Response codes – more commonly known as QR codes – are now a familiar and integral part of our everyday lives,” said Randal Clark, founder and CEO of AxiaMed. “They’re well established in the healthcare space for patient identity management, prescriptions, medical records, lab results, appointment scheduling, and anywhere patients need resources or more information. Now, with AxiaMed’s Scan&Pay, healthcare providers can add QR codes to invoices or online payment portals to enable patients to easily pay their medical bills via their mobile device.”

With AxiaMed’s Scan&Pay, healthcare providers can generate and insert a unique, one-time-use QR code into a patient’s bill or statement. Upon scanning the code, the patient is directed to a hosted payment page that connects securely to AxiaMed’s PCI-compliant gateway. After reviewing their balance and payment options, completing prompts for the required credit card payment fields, and submitting their payment, the patient is notified that their payment has been processed and a receipt is generated and sent via email.

  • Easy 24/7, Mobile Payments – Improve office productivity and provide patients with the convenience of paying their bills via their mobile device
  • No Password or Username Required– Upon scanning the unique QR code, the patient accesses a hosted payment page with no login necessary
  • Comprehensive Reports– Detailed balance, collection, and reconciliation reports
  • HIPAA Compliant – Reliable and secure patient-centered platform with highest security standards
  • Can Dramatically Improve Collections Rates – With Scan&Pay’s “card on file” option, the convenience and ease-of-use of auto-filled forms can result in an average of 4x more patient payments

With contactless digital payments quickly becoming the recommended norm due to the COVID-19 crisis, Scan&Pay is one of a variety of safe, secure solutions from AxiaMed for handling patient payments with minimal or no physical contact required. AxiaMed’s payment devices can also help mitigate the current risks associated with physical contact between patients and staff. By accepting NFC-enabled forms of payment such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more, AxiaMed’s PAX Android and Ingenico devices help eliminate the need for staff to handle cards or touch keypads and screens.

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About Axiamed
AxiaMed is a healthcare financial technology company that specializes in payment security. Payment Fusion, our SaaS-based healthcare payments platform, ensures the highest standard of data security and reduces PCI compliance requirements. Payment Fusion’s unique architecture and single API simplifies integration with leading healthcare applications and supports multiple payment networks, accelerating time-to-market and end-user adoption. Together, AxiaMed and our ISV partners deliver integrated solutions that improve the financial performance of healthcare providers by increasing the patient’s payment options.

AxiaMed is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.

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