AxiaMed Unveils New inFORM™ Solution for Pharmacies

AxiaMed Unveils New inFORM™ Solution for Pharmacies

New Solution Streamlines the Point of Sale Experience and Identifies HSA/FSA Payment Cards

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., December 8, 2020 / – AxiaMed, an industry-leading healthcare payments technology company, today announced the availability of inFORM™, an innovative solution for pharmacies that streamlines and simplifies the Point of Sale (PoS) experience.

Integrating seamlessly with virtually any pharmacy EHR solution, inFORM enables forms to be configured to confirm receipt of privacy practices, safety cap options, counselling, prescription pickup authorization, and more – all clearly displayed via PAX Aries8 payment devices with wide-screen, eight-inch display and enhanced resolution. Physical copies of signed forms and receipts no longer need to be stored as inFORM securely stores digital copies via the integrated EHR solution.

InFORM also identifies payment cards for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) prior to the submission of payment, in compliance with IRS guidelines for the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS). Eligible expenses are auto-substantiated and the laborious manual submission of receipts can be prevented. This means that the customer’s HSA- and FSA-eligible expenses will be covered and the PoS system will be notified of any uncovered expenses so that the patient can be prompted to provide an alternative payment method.

“With inFORM, pharmacies can deliver a discreet and convenient customer experience at the PoS, providing customized digital forms with data directly from the integrated EHR system,” said Randal Clark, CEO and co-founder of AxiaMed. “HSA and FSA payment cards are recognized, and eligible health-related expenses are autosubstantiated – avoiding the time consuming, manual submission of receipts.”

The PCI-compliant, vP2PE solution offers the highest standard of security and fraud protection available today. inFORM complies with the security and privacy requirements of HIPAA regarding the safeguarding of protected health information (PHI) and providers have the option to use the PAX Aries8 device for both payments and patient consent forms, or to use dedicated devices for each process.

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