CareCredit Solution by AxiaMed

Streamlines and Simplifies CareCredit Payments

It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Integrate CareCredit into Your Software

AxiaMed and CareCredit have teamed up to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution that makes it easier than ever for independent software vendors to seamlessly integrate CareCredit into their software. CareCredit is a health and wellness credit card that can be used as a promotional financing option at more than 240,000 healthcare provider locations nationwide for medical care, cosmetic and dermatology procedures, LASIK and vision care, dentistry, veterinary, hearing care and other specialties. The innovative payment solution is now available on AxiaMed’s next-gen lineup of PAX Android payment devices.

Integrated Solution Represents Absolute Win-Win

CareCredit is used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance – and includes promotional financing options that may not be available with general purpose credit cards. The integrated solution represents an absolute win-win for everyone – healthcare providers want to offer CareCredit to patients as it enables them to purchase services they couldn’t otherwise afford and ensures payment to the practice; patients count on being able to use CareCredit in order to pay for treatments and services; and plugging into CareCredit doesn’t create any extra work or expense for independent software vendors (ISVs).

Integrates Seamlessly with Your Software – Easily accept CareCredit transactions through your Electronic Health Records systems (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management systems (RCM) or Practice Management Software (PMS)

Easy Integration – Plugging into CareCredit does not create any extra work or expense for independent software vendors (ISVs)

Simplifies Payments – Offers healthcare providers a unique, integrated solution designed to make it easier than ever to provide patients with the payment option of CareCredit

Digital Access to Signed Receipt Copies – CareCredit transaction details are displayed directly in the provider’s EHR, RCM, or PMS software

Reduces Risk/Fraud Exposure for Providers – CareCredit cards, including the CareCredit® RewardsTM Mastercard, can be read and encrypted by AxiaMed’s PAX payment devices and payments are automatically reflected in the patient’s ledger, just like any other card payment type

Low-Friction Checkout Experience – More than 11 million CareCredit cardholders can easily view and compare monthly payment amounts, term lengths, and applicable interest rates on a responsive, HD touchscreen display

Patients and Providers Enjoy Privacy and Efficiency – Discreet experience clearly presents only the applicable financing options for each patient/provider/transaction combination


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