Cerner Integration

Cerner Integration

Cerner AxiaMed Integration


Powered by AxiaMed, ePayments Plus is Cerner’s new, cloud-based patient payment platform. The advanced solution is seamlessly integrated behind Cerner’s firewall, directly inside Millennium, Sorian, and other Cerner applications. Developed in direct response to the rapid rise in patient financial responsibility and subsequent necessity for health systems to increase their collection rates while reducing collection costs, ePayments Plus significantly improves cumbersome workflows. Now, it’s easier and more convenient than ever for patients to pay their medical bills in a timely fashion! Health systems also benefit from a range of powerful features and security enhancements not previously available through Cerner’s first-generation ePayments solution.

Advanced Security and Enhanced Flexibility

  • Ensures the highest level of protection for patient financial data – PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (vP2PE)
  • Complies with the security and privacy requirements of HIPAA regarding the safeguarding of protected health information (PHI) – HIPAA Compliant
  • Significantly reduces security footprint and compliance costs
  • Choice of multiple payment processors – ePayments Plus is payment processor-agnostic
  • Decreases risks and compliance costs – Network Segmentation allows health systems to isolate payment devices

Exclusive ePayment Plus Devices

Health systems can process patient payments in real-time through an array of EMV-enabled devices that post directly to the accounting ledger in an industry-leading security environment.

  • Wide Selection of EMV Point of Care Devices – ePayments Plus supports PAX Android devices and the latest Ingenico devices; Cerner’s less advanced, first-generation ePayments solution only supports older, end-of-life versions of Ingenico Telium and IDTech swipe devices
  • Remote monitoring and management of all payment terminals with unique, cloud-based, enterprise-level device management solution
  • Each device can be used for multiple workstations and supports multiple merchant accounts
  • Devices are “plug-and-play” and don’t require a software client on any workstations or on the Cerner client’s network

World Class Support with Cerner-Contracted Solution

Easy, streamlined onboarding, implementation, and support. No third-party challenges for contracts, device ordering, transaction reporting, and device management.

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