Our History

AxiaMed is a healthcare financial technology company that specializes in payment security. Payment Fusion, our SaaS-based healthcare payments platform, ensures the highest standard of data security and reduces PCI compliance requirements. Payment Fusion’s unique architecture and single API simplifies integration with leading healthcare applications and supports multiple payment networks, accelerating time-to-market and end-user adoption. Together, AxiaMed and our ISV partners deliver integrated solutions that improve the financial performance of healthcare providers by increasing the patient’s payment options.

AxiaMed started as an idea. An idea born out of nearly 20 years of payment industry experience. As healthcare costs continued to soar, more of the financial responsibility for payment began to shift from payors to the patient. Providers were slow to adapt. Other than asking for co-pays at time of service, they had no processes or systems in place to manage collections direct from consumers. Worse, healthcare providers had little experience with the complexities of payment card processing and were unsure of how to best mitigate security and compliance risks.

AxiaMed helps healthcare providers improve their financial performance by offering patients more flexible and convenient ways to pay their bills. We partner with leading healthcare software companies to increase the utility of their applications by integrating patient payments into their solutions and workflow.

In Greek, the word “Axia” means value. At AxiaMed, we hope to bring value to the healthcare industry – for patients, providers, and software vendors. And every day, as a dedicated group of diverse individuals, we strive to earn your business and trust.

Core Values


We are thankful, and we recognize that gratitude cultivates increased happiness, energy, optimism and empathy.

Servant Leadership

We practice humility, always striving to exceed expectations and operate with integrity.


We practice responsible management of people and things.


We pour everything out to achieve optimal efficiency.


We are a community that walks forward together, striving to always beat yesterday.

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