COVID-19 has changed everything. Now more than ever, it is vital for healthcare providers to adapt and find ways to continue to operate as smoothly as possible.  For organizations forced to close their facilities or limit patient contact due to the COVID-19 crisis, AxiaMed offers a variety of safe, secure solutions for handling patient payments.

Patient Payments in the Era of Social Distancing

Contactless Payments 

Enable home-based staff to securely and efficiently handle patient payments through your choice of a varienty of PAX and Ingenico payment devices with PCI-Validated P2PE

Contactless digital payments are quickly becoming the recommended norm. If your facility is remaining open to the public, AxiaMed's payment devices can help limit the current risks associated with physical contact. By accepting NFC-enabled forms of payment such as, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more – AxiaMed's PAX Android and Ingenico devices help eliminate the need for your staff to handle cards or touch keypads and screens. 


You're facing unprecedented challenges. 
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Significantly minimize patient/staff contact by accepting NFC-enabled forms of payment such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Tap & Pay.

Choose from a variety of PAX Android and Ingenico payment devices.

With AxiaMed’s Text&Pay Patient Payment Messaging solution, there’s now a safer, faster, easier, more secure way to collect patient payments without high-risk contact. It’s a win-win. Patients appreciate the ease and convenience of paying their outstanding balances via text or email. You benefit from increased, 24/7 patient payments with significantly less work for administrators and faster, more efficient collections. 

It really couldn’t be any easier! No app is required. No password. No user name. Patients receive automated balance notifications via text message or email, which includes a secure link for making payments.

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