Hospitals and Health Systems

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Hospitals and Health Systems

Rising healthcare costs have led to higher deductible health plans, increased co-pays, and more out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, patient payment responsibility has skyrocketed. For hospitals and health systems, facilitating patient payments has become a revenue cycle management imperative. Addressing this challenge means embracing new processes, technologies, and patient communications strategies while maintaining compliance with security and privacy regulations.

AxiaMed’s Payment Fusion technology platform was purpose-built to meet the rigorous and complex demands of enterprise health systems. By integrating payment card functionality into the existing workflows within EHR systems and revenue cycle management applications, AxiaMed enables health providers to engage the patient early in the process, provide more transparency on costs, and offer flexible payment options. On the back end, integration with Payment Fusion ensures efficient processing and accurate, timely updates to accounting systems and ledgers.

As a validated point-to-point encryption solution (vP2PE), Payment Fusion virtually eliminates the risk of payment data breach and reduces a hospital’s PCI DSS compliance burden. For large and/or multi-location deployments, Payment Fusion’s Control Center provides for the remote tracking, management, and monitoring of all payment devices within the enterprise. From a central dashboard, users can monitor the performance of their overall transaction network, troubleshoot potential issues at the device level, and remotely upgrade terminals with new software releases and security updates.

With Payment Fusion, health systems can also provide an even wider array of payment options to their patients including ACH and e-check. By implementing tokenized card-on-file, providers can offer extended payment plans, helping to ease of burden of higher balances due while still benefiting from automatic recurring payments.

Taking advantage of our merchant services truly makes AxiaMed an “all-in-one” enterprise payment solution, delivering additional benefits such as reduced processing rates, consolidated reporting, and simplified customer support.