AxiaMed Response to COVID-19

AxiaMed’s Role During These Challenging Times

It goes without saying, as a patient payments software company, AxiaMed is not directly saving lives like our courageous caregivers. The work that is being done by our clients and their staff is selfless, heroic, and pales in comparison – quite literally – to anything else going on in our world right now.

We love our clients and our hearts go out to the institutions and individuals who are victoriously advancing the front lines against this current enemy. You are the warriors in this war. Your efforts will be celebrated and remembered for years to come and we simply cannot adequately express our gratitude for all that you are doing.

How can AxiaMed contribute? Although we are not fighting on the front lines, AxiaMed can still help. Our place –our mission – is to ensure that hospitals and health systems, labs and surgery centers, practices and providers can survive and succeed. You, our valued clients and partners, still need to pay your employees and pay your bills – and AxiaMed will strive to help you continue to operate as smoothly as possible.

Planning for What’s to Come

Appreciation is due to those who were instrumental in setting aside $100 – $120 billion  in the CARES Act stimulus package for the healthcare industry, however, we all must acknowledge that, to a very real and significant degree, health systems are going to be singularly responsible for their own recovery. Philanthropy is expected to dry up for the greater part of 2020. Estimates released recently show that the portfolios of healthcare institutions in Wall Street have lost the equivalent of 30 days of available cash. And it is highly doubtful that health plans will step in and assist.

The hope of a rapid recovery, for our clients and staff, lies with the planning and execution of the institutions themselves. Therefore, we feel it is imperative for AxiaMed to communicate that we stand ready to provide you with the distinct and necessary tools to assist in that recovery.

We want to clearly state that we understand the sensitivities and turmoil our communities, country, and world are currently experiencing. Depending upon your region, specialty, and the significance of the effects of COVID-19 on you and those around you, now may not be the time to discuss your future success. But your success and that of your mission and personnel is just as critical to our country. AxiaMed’s reliable, flexible, safe, and secure patient payments solution will play a major role in ensuring the success and health of our greatly valued healthcare ecosystem.

We are Here to Help

When the time is right for you, we are ready to assist you in rapidly returning to a “new normal”. We offer a variety of advantages to help you overcome some of the challenges of these difficult times. Please contact us to learn how we can:

  • Provide your patients with peace of mind by using NFC technology like Apple Pay, Google Pay and more by implementing sanitary, no-contact and limited-contact payment device solutions
  • Empower your employees, who have been forced to work from home, with simple yet secure solutions for handling patient payments
  • Minimize physical interactions at the point of care by leveraging easy-to-implement Text&Pay and QR code payment solutions
  • Assist you in planning and executing a strategy to address and resolve the pent-up demand for elective care
  • Help accelerate your schedules and meet the demands and needs of this new normal
  • Enable simplified payment processes that allow your caregivers and staff to focus upon the considerable healthcare demands placed upon them without the distraction of complicated transactions

Core Values – Now More Important than Ever

Several years ago, we established a set of core values for AxiaMed – values that we strive to honor and uphold in every aspect of our working lives. These core values are Gratitude, Servant Leadership, Stewardship, Fruitfulness, and Teamwork – and now more than ever, they are at the very core of AxiaMed’s strategy to enable our customers to remain as productive as possible.

Ultimately, AxiaMed is here to ensure that our clients – the critical and heroic healthcare institutions and personnel – have everything they need to succeed during this unprecedented crisis.

We are very grateful for all you do. We stand ready to serve you and we have solutions to enable you to succeed quickly and continue without compromising the growing needs of your patients and their care.

Stay safe and be well,

Randal Clark


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