Independent Software Vendors

AxiaMed partners with leading healthcare software vendors to seamlessly integrate secure payment technology into their applications, improving the financial performance of providers by increasing the patient’s payment options. Our technology is integrated into many of the leading EHRs, practice management systems, revenue cycle management applications, and patient engagement solutions.

Adding patient payment functionality to healthcare applications greatly increases the utility of the solution for end users and builds new revenue streams for software vendors. Our single API, developer’s library, and in-depth documentation allows for simple and quick integrations. We support a wide range of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and others. We provide a sandbox environment, partner portal, and a dedicated integrations manager to ensure a collaborative process.


Payment Fusion Architecture

ISV Cloud-based Applications

ISV Client/Server-based Applications


Software developers write once to Payment Fusion’s API to enable it to handle various transaction types and payment methods. Transactions are initiated within your software, authenticated, and the amount is sent to Payment Fusion’s cloud application. Payment Fusion then communicates directly with the appropriate point of sale (POS) terminal to display the amount due and request payment. The patient swipes, dips, or taps their payment card and the encrypted information is directed to the gateway, where it is decrypted and sent for processing. No sensitive payment data ever touches your system.

Working with AxiaMed, our partners can build solutions that initiate requests for point-of-care payment within existing systems and clinical workflows. This facilitates communications with the patient and improves administrative efficiency. Reminders regarding post-care balances can be automated using technology rather than expensive office staff or collections agencies. All patient payments are reconciled automatically within the practice management or accounting system.

AxiaMed’s partners benefit from the increased value of their application, a deeper relationship with their clients, and a generous revenue-share based on monthly transaction volume. Accelerating patient collections helps improve the financial performance of health providers and results in greater customer satisfaction/less attrition for the ISV. Patients report higher overall satisfaction rates with their provider when their payment experience is positive.


Collecting co-pays and balance due amounts from patients at the time of service (or “point-of-care”) delivers numerous financial benefits to healthcare providers. Point-of-care payments increase cash flow, reduce accounts receivable, streamline administrative costs, and decrease write-offs.

Over the past few years, credit cards have become the preferred method of payment at point-of-care. Today, accepting payment cards is a business necessity for private practices (doctors, dentists), physician groups, dental service organizations (DSOs), hospitals, and health systems. The responsibility for collecting those payments falls on the patient-facing staff at provider facilities.

AxiaMed works with Ingenico, a global leader in PCI-PTS certified smart payment terminals, to bring secure, efficient card processing to point-of-care environments. We offer a variety of terminals designed to work with desktop, portable, mobile, and self-service applications. This enables providers to accept payments throughout the patients’ journey – at registration/check-in, during their visit, and at discharge/check-out.

All Ingenico devices sold by AxiaMed run Payment Fusion’s custom terminal application, utilize certified encryption keys, and are provisioned, packaged and shipped according to vP2PE security standards. Payment transactions are encrypted immediately upon swipe/dip/tap and sent to our PCI DSS compliant gateway for further processing.

Online and Mobile

Post-care patient balances are often the most difficult payments to collect. AxiaMed addresses this problem by offering an “omnichannel” payment strategy, making it easier and more convenient for patients to use their preferred method of payment, anywhere, anytime.

Payment Fusion and AxiaMed’s ePay gateway support credit, debit, HSA/FSA, ACH, Check Guarantee, EMV, NFC (ApplePay, GooglePay), and automatic posting. We also offer a fully customizable ePayment form. Together with our tokenized vault, this securely powers “Card Not Present” transactions for online portals, mobile applications, and payment plans.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Rising healthcare costs have led to higher deductible health plans, increased co-pays, and more out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, patient payment responsibility has skyrocketed. For hospitals and health systems, facilitating patient payments has become a revenue cycle management imperative. Addressing this challenge means embracing new processes, technologies, and patient communications strategies while maintaining compliance with security and privacy regulations.

AxiaMed’s Payment Fusion technology platform was purpose-built to meet the rigorous and complex demands of enterprise health systems. By integrating payment card functionality into the existing workflows within EHR systems and revenue cycle management applications, AxiaMed enables health providers to engage the patient early in the process, provide more transparency on costs, and offer flexible payment options. On the back end, integration with Payment Fusion ensures efficient processing and accurate, timely updates to accounting systems and ledgers.

As a validated point-to-point encryption solution (vP2PE), Payment Fusion virtually eliminates the risk of payment data breach and reduces a hospital’s PCI DSS compliance burden. For large and/or multi-location deployments, Payment Fusion’s Control Center provides for the remote tracking, management, and monitoring of all payment devices within the enterprise. From a central dashboard, users can monitor the performance of their overall transaction network, troubleshoot potential issues at the device level, and remotely upgrade terminals with new software releases and security updates.

With Payment Fusion, health systems can also provide an even wider array of payment options to their patients including ACH and e-check. By implementing tokenized card-on-file, providers can offer extended payment plans, helping to ease of burden of higher balances due while still benefitting from automatic recurring payments.

Taking advantage of our merchant services truly makes AxiaMed an “all-in-one” enterprise payment solution, delivering additional benefits such as reduced processing rates, consolidated reporting, and simplified customer support.

Merchant Services

While Payment Fusion is processor agnostic, AxiaMed also offers a full suite of merchant services, including payment gateways, payment processing, batch settlements, and reporting. Working with our acquiring bank, we accept all major card brands, offer competitive rates, and provide exceptional customer service.