Collecting co-pays and balance due amounts from patients at the time of service (or “point-of-care”) delivers numerous financial benefits to healthcare providers. Point-of-care payments increase cash flow, reduce accounts receivable, streamline administrative costs, and decrease write-offs.

Over the past few years, credit cards have become the preferred method of payment at point-of-care. Today, accepting payment cards is a business necessity for private practices (doctors, dentists), physician groups, dental service organizations (DSOs), hospitals, and health systems. The responsibility for collecting those payments falls on the patient-facing staff at provider facilities.

AxiaMed works with Ingenico, a global leader in PCI-PTS certified smart payment terminals, to bring secure, efficient card processing to point-of-care environments. We offer a variety of terminals designed to work with desktop, portable, mobile, and self-service applications. This enables providers to accept payments throughout the patients’ journey – at registration/check-in, during their visit, and at discharge/check-out.

All Ingenico devices sold by AxiaMed run Payment Fusion’s custom terminal application, utilize certified encryption keys, and are provisioned, packaged and shipped according to vP2PE security standards. Payment transactions are encrypted immediately upon swipe/dip/tap and sent to our PCI DSS compliant gateway for further processing.